TKP urges Turkish gov’t not to infringe on people’s vaccine rights

TKP urges Turkish gov’t not to infringe on people’s vaccine rights

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) released a statement regarding the people’s vaccine rights amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has highly increased even in summer months in Turkey, the shortage of influenza and pneumonia vaccines poses a risk to public health in the country considering that such seasonal diseases will be much more dangerous amidst the coronavirus outbreak. 

According to public health experts, over 30 millions of people are in risk groups in Turkey as the general population of the country is nearing 85 million. However, the AKP government imported only 1,3 million doses of flu vaccines last year.  

Relying on scientific facts, TKP underlines that vaccination is especially important in the current period, adding that seasonal flu and pneumonia vaccines are necessary to protect public health and decrease the number of diseases and deaths due to the coronavirus outbreak.

TKP indicates that coronavirus-led respiratory diseases along with such seasonal diseases as influenza may lead to a higher health risk and some diagnostic confusions since the COVID-19 trend is expected to further rise in the upcoming period. 

TKP notes that the country has been dependent on foreign sources in supply and use of vaccines due to the pro-market vaccine policies of the government, urging the government not to infringe on people’s vaccine rights.


Meanwhile, Kemal Okuyan, the General Secretary of TKP, has recently penned an article for soL news regarding the current panorama of the coronavirus outbreak around the world.

Okuyan briefly states that the worldwide capitalist governments have never considered the COVID-19 pandemic as an issue of public health, adding that these governments have turned the pandemic into a weapon in order to increase the profits of exploitative classes while suppressing the social unrest around the world. 

“The outbreak is real but the struggle against the outbreak is fake. COVID-19 is not a plot but the COVID-19 policies are completely a plot against the people,” Okuyan notes, underlining that the capitalist rules have been following aggressive practices in both domestic and foreign policies amidst potential conflicts between some countries as the working peoples have become impoverished around the world.  

Okuyan says that the coronavirus pandemic has become an issue for drug monopolies around the world, calling on the people not to wait for the COVID-19 vaccine but immediately take action and organize in order to change the existing social order.