Turkey is not hopeless

"People’s Alternative is Strengthening" meetings proceed
Turkey is not hopeless

Following its call "for a bright 2018," Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) boosts its campaign to get organised at numerous locations around Anatolia, "Turkey is not hopeless, people’s alternative will strengthen."

The first meeting of the "Turkey is not hopeless, people’s alternative will strengthen." series took place in Gebze, the town of the metal workers who are on the point of going on strike.

The GS of TKP Kemal Okuyan and actor Orhan Aydın participated the meeting and made speeches.​


On the same day in Silivri the new comrades received their TKP badges at the meeting where member of the CC Mehmet Kuzulugil and author Orhan Gökdemir addressed the participants.



The third one of these special meetings was held in İzmir with the participaiton of the GS Kemal Okuyan, author Suphi Varım and Besim Cingi, who gave his speech on behalf of the novice comrades.

The most recent meeting has been held in Ankara on 11th February, where member of CC Devrim Koçak, Kaya Güvenç form the Labour Center and comrade Yeşim Göktaş have given their speeches.

See the link for more on Ankara meeting.

 The forthcoming meetings are as follows:
17 February İstanbul-Sarıyer
18 February Bursa, Çanakkale, Kahramanmaraş-Pazarcık, Edirne-Keşan ve Samsun
24 February Denizli
25 February Konya, İstanbul-Üsküdar ve Eskişehir