You are killing our people

Statement on the train crash
You are killing our people

Railways should be providing safe and convenient transportation. In Turkey, railway transportation became a tool of massacre in the hands of a science-hater, pretentious and anti-labor government. What happened today in Ankara is not an accident but murder. It is so as in other 10 train disasters happened within the last 15 years.

People who want to travel fast and safely are killed on the new railway routes that were not constructed with a good planning but constructed with the push of greedy capitalists and Erdoğan’s orders.

The measure taken by the government is to announce the number of deaths low and try to prevent the press to publish the news. In this case, as has been repeatedly done, the dead railway workers will be blamed; those who are responsible will try to make all these to be forgotten by appearing at the next opening.

We will not let you do this. We are going to go after these murders, ignorance, plunder, anti-labor policies. We are going to ask for answers because you are deceiving, exploiting, threatening and killing people because we are not going to leave this country to your darkness.

With this determination, we convey our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in Ankara's railway murder and we hope that the injured will be recovered as soon as possible.

Communist Party of Turkey

Central Committee