TKP in Germany: 'Vote DKP!'

TKP in Germany: 'Vote DKP!'

The Germany branch of Communist Party of Turkey TKP released a statement regarding the forthcoming elections in Germany.

Open Letter to the Public on the 24th September Elections from the Germany Branch of the Communist Party of Turkey

Millions of people will visit the polls on 24th of September. And many other millions who have despair in the current political parties will mind their own business.

There are limits of expecting a lot from the polls in an environment where there are those transitions: the whole country into a holding company; the politics into a sham fight and the political parties into corporates estranged from people.

The anti-people character of the bourgeois politics caused the whole arena of politics to evolve into a “professional activity of experts”.

The alienation from politics, which became a statistical fact of the public surveys, is nothing but the mess of the bourgeois politics.

It is an obvious hoax, to explain the alienation from politics by blaming masses with an arrogant despise instead of revealing the desperation caused by the identical alternatives of the bourgeois parties.

The target is to make the general and equal right to vote, which is one of the most significant historical gains of the working class, worthless and trivialize it.

There is a Party who commits itself to the limits of the dictatorship of the capital, so-called the market. That party has several names, yet one mission : To sustain the Capitalism!

We refuse that Party and all “different” names of it!

Who is this bourgeois party in Germany: It is CDU, it is SPD, it is FDP, it is the Greens, it is the AfD and even it is the Left ...

That Party has several names, yet similar tasks:

  • No votes to the parties which approve the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie in one way or another!
  • No votes to any party which acts with the assumption of “socialisation of capitalism”!
  • No votes to the parties who just couldn’t spell the imperialist character of imperialist Germany!
  • No votes to any racist party which is anti- refugees and immigrants!
  • No votes to any party which does not include to dissolve NATO with the withdrawal of Germany within its party program!
  • No votes to any party which treats the Democratic Republic of Germany, which is a historical gain for the German region, as an enemy!
  • No vote to any party which limits its scope within the capitalist order!
  • No votes to any party which does not consider the socialist revolution as its sole agenda!

For strengthening the socialist alternative not for the rotten capitalism


Communist Party of Turkey-TKP

Germany Branch