Erdoğan does not posses the credentials to fight the US

On the tension between the US and Turkey
Erdoğan does not posses the credentials to fight the US

Imperialism will be defeated. The anti-people dictatorships will be abolished eventually.  As long as we do not bow to this order of exploitation which is weaker, more rotten than it is thought and take action to a more humanly order. 

Erdogan and the AKP owe the 15 years of power to the European Union countries dominated by Germany and to the United States. The AKP, hand in hand with the imperialist forces and Turkey's upper bourgeoisie, has turned our country into economically fragile, inconsistent in  foreign policy, aggressive and adventurous, polluted in domestic politics, radicalism and with endless enmity for labour.

Subsequently, tensions emerged due to the AKP government exaggerating Turkey's regional possibilities and failing to meet the expectations of the United States and some other imperialist countries, have reached to the point where it would disrupt relations between Erdogan and the western countries, and eventually the United States, in order to create a more useful power for itself, stood behind the coup attempt.

There are countless examples of powerful imperialist countries using political actors in other countries and then throwing them into a corner. Erdogan is playing all the trump cards to avoid being thrown away, threatening the USA and Germany by approaching Russia.

The trend is that the US and Germany will continue to siege Erdogan; Erdogan, on the other hand, seems that he will use the nationalism card more and will try to overcome the approaching economic collapse with a social support mobilized around authoritarianism.

Right at this point the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) is making a call to the people of our country:

1. We do not have to take side in the tension between the US and Erdogan. Unlike Erdoğan and his team, the interests of our people never coincide with US imperialism. We must upgrade our voice more than ever to the NATO, the US bases and to the bilateral and secret agreements with the United States. We must throw up the "freedom" and "democracy" flummery of the arrogant imperialists. 

2. In doing so; our people should concentrate on the fight against the AKP government, which imposed a scheme of bigotry and fundamentalism, unlimited exploitation, unemployment and austerity, a terrible education system, and even the ruin of law. The AKP should not be allowed to clean its dirty hands with anti-US show.

3. The problems experienced in the Turkish economy under the control of international monopolies during the tensions with the US and Germany will be put on the people's back as it is by the government. This can not be allowed. Our working people, who are the real owners of Turkey, must take, the vulgar AKP government which thinks waste as prestige, pours billions of liras to pomp with Ottoman affectation and the big bosses who turn the country off ,doubling up their profit by virtue of the AKP government, by the scruff of the neck.

4. Turkey can not be an independent and sovereign country with this current social order,  it can not develop an autonomous foreign policy. Erdogan, who is trying to achieve his own salvation by entering under the wings of another powerful force, can not fight against the USA. The order represented by Erdoğan and his friends is the order of international monopolies. It is necessary to demolish the power of the bosses in Turkey in order to end the undignified relationship established with the countries such as USA, Germany, Israel, England in economic and political terms.

5. Erdogan does not posses the credentials to fight the US and Germany. The struggle against imperialism is the work of those who are damaged from the imperialist system. Imperialism is the exploitation, is looting, is sacking. Those who defend the orthodoxy of looting and plunder in Turkey should not be allowed to fool people with nationalist demonstrations.

6. Imperialism will be defeated. Humanity will be saved from the order of exploitation. The fundamentalism, the bigotry will be overcome.The anti-people dictatorships will be abolished eventually.  As long as we do not bow to this order of exploitation which is weaker, more rotten than it is thought and take action to a more humanly order. 

7. The Communist Party of Turkey invites our people to the ranks for the real salvation.


9 October 2017